We’re looking for new trusted Partner organisations who want to launch our award-winning diabetes education programme in new countries and regions.


Why partner with us?

We share our experience.

Our program is tried and tested and we have been delivering it successfully in the UK for over ten years. We can share all our tips to ensure your success matches ours.

We will help you get results.

Our structured diabetes education program has great results, including a 16.4% relative reduction in HbA1c [1] and a 99.4% Net Promotor Score [2].

It's easy to deliver.

No clinical experience is required to become one of our accredited educators. We give your teams all the training and support needed.

Generate additional revenue.

By offering our course to your patients, you can generate additional revenue streams and enhance customer loyalty.

Content can be localised.

We support you to localise the content of our programme to best meet the needs of your patients/communities.

We can set you up quickly.

Once you become a licenced Partner, your educators will be trained in one day, meaning revenue generation can start immediately.

[1]. Swift, Barker, Palin and Peck “Investigating the cost-effectiveness of structured diabetes education” British Journal of Healthcare Management, 2019

.[2] Data on file, EMPOWER T2n attendance, all CCGs 2019/2020.


Supporting your success

So you can replicate the success we have had in the UK, we make sure you have everything you need. Our Partner Portal and training programmes are tailored to your local needs.


Training and annual accreditation

  • Organisations that work with us receive all the training and support required to deliver our programmes – educators need no clinical experience.
  • Once accredited, our licenced Partners will be able to provide our course to their target audience.
  • Annual re-accreditation ensures that all our educators deliver consistent, high-quality education that’s current with the latest information and advice.

Tailored to meet your needs

Our program can be tailored to fit the unique needs of your local markets, cohorts or different delivery mediums, including face-to-face and remotely.

Would you be an ideal partner?

We’re looking for partners who want to replicate our success internationally. This opportunity will appeal to any organisation that has a responsibility for improving health outcomes for people with diabetes and managing risk including:

  • Healthcare organisations
  • Insurance companies
  • Public health bodies
  • Charities
  • Private companies
  • Occupational health organisations

Apply to become a partner

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