Transforming health through education

We’re dedicated to empowering patients to manage their health effectively.

We craft world-class education programmes, and then train and accredit healthcare educators to deliver them.

Diabetes education

EMPOWER is best known for its success in diabetes education. We have a four-hour Type 2 diabetes programme that teaches attendees about diabetes, it’s impact on the body and how to make small, achievable changes to diet and lifestyle.

Our award-winning program is accredited against best practice quality standards in the UK and has been delivered at scale to the UK’s NHS for over a decade, helping thousands of patients.

We’re now looking for trusted partners with the expertise to bring our award-winning service to new countries and regions.

How it works

Organisations that work with us receive all the training and support required to deliver our programmes – no clinical experience is required.

Once accredited, our licenced partners will be able to provide our course to their target audience. This can help to free up clinical resources, leaving diabetes specialist nurses to focus on clinical issues and save you money.

Our annual re-accreditation ensures that all our educators deliver consistent, high-quality education that’s current with the latest information and advice.

Our outcomes

Our Type 2 diabetes programme has been delivered to thousands of satisfied customers for over a decade, achieving fantastic results.

Proven clinical results

Our participant results include a 16.4% relative reduction in HbA1c.[1]

Highly recommended

As well as clinical results, we get great feedback with a 98.8% satisfaction rate. [2]

Saves money

Benefits of a reduced HbA1c include reduced medicine use, driving cost savings for health providers. [3]



[1]Sutton D et al. Structured Diabetes Education: virtual access was as effective as face-to-face access to a structured diabetes education programme (EMPOWER T2n) for  people with type 2 diabetes in England. medRxiv 2024.02.27.24303369; doi:
[2]Data on file, EMPOWER T2n attendance, all CCGs 2019/2020.
[3] Swift, Barker, Palin and Peck ‘Investigating the cost-effectiveness of structured diabetes education’, British Journal of Healthcare Management 2019.

Interested in partnering with us?

Become an accredited partner and licence our education programme so that you can deliver EMPOWER to your customers.

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What we offer

Around the world

Wherever you are in the world, we can provide our Train the Educator programme. By becoming one of our licenced partners, and accrediting healthcare educators, you will be able to deliver our award-winning diabetes education

In the UK

Whether you work for the NHS, or represent private patients or customers, we can offer a number of services in addition to our Train the Educator programme including a full end-to-end referral, management and evaluation service.

EMPOWER your way


Deliver to participants in person, at a venue of your choice


Deliver remotely through video conferencing software.


We can tailor courses for specific cohorts of patients – ask us for more information.

Who we work with

We can deliver to any organisation that has a responsibility for improving health outcomes for diabetes or managing risk including:

  • Healthcare organisations
  • Insurance companies
  • Public health bodies
  • Charities
  • Occupational health organisations
  • Private companies

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