The evolution of Spirit

It all started in 2007

Spirit was incorporated with a goal to save the NHS money, focusing on medicines optimisation.​

Moving on a few years to 2011

Launched our Active Implementation service in medicines optimisation and licensed the first version of CliniTouch Vie from the US.​

4 years later in 2015

Created our education services, starting with structured diabetes education.​ Launched CliniTouch Vie, our digital health platform.

1 year later in 2016

Launched our primary care offering through operating GP practices.​

Here we are today

Now a growing team constantly developing our multi-award-winning services.

Passion, dedication and experience

Every person working at Spirit offers a wealth of experience, passion and dedication, with a genuine focus on our people, patients and customers.

Our family includes over 60 doctors, nurses, pharmacists, researchers and scientists, adding up to hundreds of years of direct NHS experience which we utilise everyday. Along with staff from non-clinical backgrounds, this means that we get a 360-degree view. 

Having a collective mission means we work together, and good culture is vital. We’re proud to say that we were one of Best Companies’ top 100 companies to work for in 2021, an outstanding company to work for in 2022 and a world class company to work for in 2023!

Read our 2023 Yearbook to see what it’s like working at Spirit.

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Living by our values

Whether we’re collaborating with the NHS to launch a virtual ward, or partnering with industry customers to help the NHS optimise value from medicines, we’re proud to carry our values throughout everything we do.


We are accountable. Family requires us to jointly agree our goals and commit to delivering them together. We support our work family when they need us – beyond normal expectations.

Family also requires us to be accountable and do what we say when we say will do it, sharing direct, constructive feedback.

We understand each other, ourselves and treat everyone with respect.


We work to our strengths. Brilliance requires us to know our strengths (our superpowers) and spend most of our time working on them.

We show vulnerability, identifying our weaknesses and sharing them so others may work on them instead of us.

We provide informed data driven solutions designed to tackle root causes and deliver tangible results, brilliantly!


We don’t give up. Vigour requires us to be persistent towards our goals – making sure we deliver. It also requires resilience, sharing learning widely and starting afresh with a different approach if we fail.

We challenge perceived wisdom, thrive on change and implement better approaches that are designed to tackle root causes.

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