Diabetes Booking Service

In response to commissioner requirements, we offer a range of Booking Hub services for diabetes education courses across England, including the Diabetes Book & Learn service in south London. In the areas where we are commissioned, people living with diabetes are able to see real time availability of courses in their area and book their place online, or contact our call centre team who are happy to make the booking and provide confirmation. Each service offers a seamless referral management process that meets the needs of local referrers and course providers.

How it works


Course Providers

Add venue and course details, making sure that the course benefits are explained to those who wish to book a course.

Automatically receive patient details when their course is booked.

GPs or Healthcare Professionals

Make a referral using their normal referral routes, safe in the knowledge that the Booking Hub service will pro-actively contact the patient and encourage booking.


After referral, patients are contacted via email, SMS or letter to encourage them to book a course of their choice. Courses are easily booked online or through our call centre, and confirmation details are provided.

We provide comprehensive management information

Analysis of referrals and bookings are provided to commissioners and course providers, enabling a totally responsive provision of structured education courses.

Interested in finding out more?

If you would like to find out more about this innovative and responsive platform, please contact us.