Data and Pathway Analysis

For pharmaceutical companies, selling to the NHS can be a real challenge. This is where the Spirit Access team can help.
We help you approach NHS customers with evidence from their own data records, enabling them to easily translate your recommendations into their own business cases.  
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We think understanding the patient pathway is vital to successful marketing to the NHS – that’s why we map patient pathways both nationally and locally.






We offer GP prescribing data to all our pharmaceutical clients at no cost. By analysing and combining data sets we can target exactly the NHS customers who will most benefit from your products.

Benefits of data and pathway analysis

Build stronger relationships with customers

With analysed data, pharmaceutical companies can highlight savings and efficiencies and build meaningful relationships with the NHS, demonstrating how your products can help solve their problems.

By bringing together different data sets, industry can get a real picture of what is happening, provide new insights into problems and highlight solutions in ways that are easy for NHS customers to understand.

Demonstrate the true value of your brand

NHS data analysis helps you show customers how your product can save NHS resources, not just at the point of intervention but throughout the whole patient pathway. By understanding resource utilisation in the patient pathway, you can map the value of your product to key NHS metrics.

Help implement change

By using the NHS’s own data, we find it’s easier for you to provide evidence to inform an case for change, helping your company to maximise the opportunity.

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