Exploring Team Cultures: Our Little ‘C’ Workshop Tour Adventure

At Spirit, we believe that understanding and nurturing team culture is fundamental to fostering a thriving workplace. We’ve been on an exciting journey with our Little ‘c’ Workshop tour.

By on September 7, 2023

Our goal? To uncover the unique cultures within our teams, engage in conversations about our strengths, weaknesses, and discover personal values for each team member.

Our People Team have been hosting these workshops, gathering invaluable insights. At Spirit, we’re always eager to hear from our team members. It’s a two-way street where we learn from each other and work together towards brilliance!

“It’s been a fantastic few weeks working with our amazing teams! The workshops have created honest and vulnerable discussions of the ‘how’ in our work, what our teams are amazing at, if culture tensions exist, and what drives us individually as people. Our teams’ local cultures nourish and support Spirit’s wider culture which is vital when achieving our vision of ‘making health easy, accessible and affordable for all’.

Kerry Taylor-Smith, People Director

Feedback Matters

The workshops have been a great success and provided us with invaluable perspectives and experiences from our teams.

Here are a few comments from team members:

“The little ‘c’ workshop was a great way to delve into our team culture to figure out how we work best as a group and individually.”

Mia Fisher-Howe, Marketing Content & Community Manager

“The delivery off the session was engaging throughout and made me think about things I wouldn’t have thought about before.”

Ayesha Deen, Education Service Administrator

“The Little ‘c’ Culture Workshop was really enjoyable. Not only was it great to have our whole team together face to face, it was uplifting to see that by the end of the course, how we were all very passionate about what we do and committed to giving 100% as a team.”

Paula Jeffs, Team Leader – Education and Rehabilitation

At Spirit, we’re committed to using feedback to enhance workshops and, most importantly, our workplace culture.

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