Analysis Paralysis? Not anymore. It’s time for Spirit Evalua.

Medicines optimisation teams throughout the UK face the same challenge; to save money whilst improving patient value.

By on February 21, 2023

Recently, the pandemic highlighted the importance of analysing population health as a springboard to perform proactively. In NHS England, the transition to ICS has underlined the need throughout the UK to increase collaboration and open communication between teams to perform successfully.

These are great insights as we move forward, but do medicines optimisation teams have the data tools they need to succeed right now?

Luckily, all the relevant data we need is out there. However, finding this data in an easy to analyse format can be frustrating and time-consuming.  Fortunately, we have taken the paralysis out of analysis with our brand new data analysis tool – Spirit Evalua.Spirit Evalua is your new go-to platform. It’s an analysis tool that lets you explore a range of NHS datasets within a quick, simple and digestible format, including Prescribing, Hospital Episode Statistics (HES) and Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) data. Developed with industry experts, it is free, online and easy to use.

There are two separate dashboards to explore. The first is the prescribing dashboard, where you can quickly see how much is spent on drugs and devices. Evalua breaks down results by specific chapter, paragraph and sub-paragraph. What’s more, you can choose to view the data by country, Health Board, ICS, Place, PCN or an individual GP.

What sets Evalua apart within this dashboard is that all data is presented and analysed within your chosen geography or organisation compared against the 25th percentile with regard to spend. This helps you see areas where you are perhaps overspending and what the 25th percentile are prescribing in contrast. To ensure comparisons are fair and based on a like-for-like basis, the data is weighted with deprivation scores in mind.

Alongside the prescribing dashboard, Evalua also houses the disease dashboard. This comprises HES and QOF data presented in the context of specific disease areas. Initially, this will be focussed on COPD, with more disease areas added over the next few months.

Here, data can be viewed within three main categories: prevalence, quality and economy. You can organise the data in each category by Health Board, ICB, Place or PCN level and date range. This perspective helps benchmark past activity and compare metrics to the national picture, building a view for future improvement and quality planning.

Evalua puts the power back into medicines optimisation teams as they can easily compare, contrast, measure, and analyse data sets on a local or national level. It automates and simplifies routine data into the numbers that matter to them.

With Evalua, there is no analysis paralysis. There is simply relevant data which form the foundation of long-term solutions.”

Selma Abed, Head of Medicines Optimisation at Spirit Health

So, if you’ve ever wished for all the data to be housed in one place, Spirit Evalua is made for you. The time is now for you and your team to start drawing insights quickly so you can begin to make efficiencies and improvements like never before.

Close down all your browser tabs and bookmark Evalua. From now on, that’s all you’ll need.

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