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From Germany to Las Vegas, Spirit Health have travelled to across the globe to explore new international partnerships

By on December 5, 2022

Germany, South Africa and Las Vegas are the three latest countries that Spirit have explored to explore potential international partnerships. In the space of five weeks, some of the Spirit team attended four different healthcare conferences spanning three different countries. Here’s a little recap on each of them!

First up was CPHI

This conference took place in Frankfurt, Germany and brings together people from all over the Pharma industry. Through exhibitions, conferences, and online communities, we were able to speak to current partners and meet lots of new faces too. Plus it was great to be greeted by sign-jugglers! Ollie Brooks, Head of Partnerships in our Medicines Optimisation team represented Spirit at this event. 

Two people juggling signs at CPHI conference

Image credit – CPHI

Ollie commented: 

“Being able to attend both CPHI and MEDICA is a great opportunity for Spirit to strengthen current relationships and look to build new ones – ultimately pushing us closer to our goal of saving the NHS £1billion through launching brilliant, innovative, products and services to support patients with long term conditions.”

Next up was Africa Health  

This event was attended by Chris Barker (CEO) and Bruce Adams (Sales Director) as a joint mission with the Department for International Trade. It was held in Johannesburg and was focused showcasing and discussing our remote monitoring tech, Clinitouch. Africa Health was a brilliant opportunity to meet like-minded people who are passionate about expanding our remote monitoring platform into new territories. 

Two men stood by a podium that reads 'Spirit Health'

Bruce and Chris

Group of people stood for a photo. Conference about finding international partnerships

Bruce Adams commented: 

“The mission was a huge success, with a few really great potential partners interested in launching Clinitouch in South Africa and into the wider African continent. We also had the fantastic opportunity to see healthcare being delivered on the ground in one of the Townships (Alexandra). Watch this space!”  

Third on the list was HLTH  

HLTH 2022 was held in busy Las Vegas and attended by Nadine Miles (Director of Service Delivery) and Jess Thomas (Transformation Lead). Along with lots of walking (18K steps a day), Nadine and Jess were able to meet hundreds of people, with lots sharing our passion for innovative health tech. 

Nadine commented: 

“We had great discussions with potential international partners who are interested in helping us to expand Clinitouch into new territories. We spoke to logistics companies, device manufacturers and other companies who worked in remote patient monitoring. We also learnt a lot about how the US healthcare system works – so it was a jam-packed few days!

We received many compliments from people who could really see how Clinitouch could improve outcomes for patients and make life easier for clinical teams – the trick is to find the best way to bring it to market!”

Two women stood either side of a podium for 'Spirit Health'. Both smiling

Jess and Nadine

Selfie of women smiling in front of sign for HLTH conference

 Last but not least… MEDICA

To round it off, we were back in Germany for the MEDICA Trade Fair! Only this time we were in Düsseldorf rather than Frankfurt. Similarly to Africa Health and HLTH, we joined the Department for International Trade to attend this event.  

Chris Barker, Bruce Adams, Jamie Starr (Marketing Director) and Ollie Brooks from the Spirit team attended this event. This conference was a brilliant chance for the team to talk to current and potential partners about how Clinitouch can be expanded internationally. Plus, the team have fed back that Düsseldorf have the best pumpkin soup! 

Jamie Starr comments:

“MEDICA is one of the world’s biggest get-togethers for the medtech industry, with 100,000 attendees – and boy did we do some walking! We saw some incredible innovations on display and had several really productive conversations with global distributors who share our vision for making health easy for everyone on the planet.” 


One woman and two men stood in walkway outside MEDICA conference. All smiling

Jamie, Chris and Bruce

A woman and a man taking a selfie and smiling in front of a sign for MEDICA trade fair

There we have it – a very busy few weeks for the Spirit family! We love these events as we get to meet other experts within healthcare who share our mission to make healthcare easy, accessible, and affordable. Here’s to the next one! 

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