Spirit Health becomes The National Care Forum’s newest Partner

Spirit Health is pleased to announce its partnership with the National Care Forum.

By on July 29, 2020

Spirit Health is pleased to announce its partnership with the National Care Forum, helping to support the Forum and its members with its digital remote monitoring solution, CliniTouch Vie.

The National Care Forum (NCF) is a membership organisation for the care and support sector, aiming to improve social care provision and enhance the quality of life, well-being, choice and control of people who use care services.

As a partner, Spirit Health will be able to communicate with other care members and industry leaders, share knowledge and best practice to ultimately better the social care sector with innovative technology and resources.

COVID-19 continues to present unprecedented challenges for social care in order to shield vulnerable residents and minimise any risks to residents, staff and visitors, without compromising access to healthcare professionals and timely clinical interventions.

With over 100 members providing a wide range of quality care and support services, Spirit Health’s CliniTouch Vie is a significant addition to NCF’s offerings, helping connect carers and nurses with their patients’ responsible GPs. This proactive model offers NCF members a holistic and consistent approach for care home staff to further enhance the care they can offer their residents.

Following NHS England and the Government’s new rules to relax care home visiting restrictions, it’s more important than ever to have the correct model in place to support the safety and wellbeing of all patients. Digital healthcare technology such as CliniTouch Vie allows care home residents to be appropriately assessed on a regular basis, addressing the need for remote monitoring and reducing avoidable hospital admissions through timely, preventative interventions.

Through remote monitoring and tracking patients’ vital sign readings, CliniTouch Vie also helps to increase health system capacity and reduce the risk of cross-contamination at a time when the focus is placed on protecting those who are vulnerable and our healthcare service.

Assessments can be done by carers or nurses, who will take patients’ vital signs readings and answer personalised health questions on a tablet, as frequently as needed. GPs can remotely connect with carers and patients to provide health and wellbeing advice, and intervene when more urgent care is needed.

“We are passionate about helping the NHS deliver the best healthcare, and our digital, remote monitoring solution is now being used by care homes across the country. CliniTouch Vie extends the concept of the care home to one similar to a ‘virtual ward,’ allowing GP’s to rapidly assess a patient, and maintain frequent and consistent medical oversight, enabling rapid identification and triage of those most at risk.”

– Dr Noel O’Kelly, Clinical Director, Spirit Health

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