Spirit Health Foundation launches to make health easy and accessible in underserved communities across the world

The Spirit Health Foundation has been launched as an independent non-profit organisation to make heath easy and accessible in underserved communities across the world, with a particular focus on Sub-Saharan Africa.

By on September 19, 2023

Despite the brilliant work of many health organisations and workers, it’s still too difficult for billions of people to get the healthcare they need, resulting in too many lost lives and livelihoods.

Traditional healthcare systems and lack of resources are hindering progress in delivering good health and wellbeing for all. This includes a projected shortfall of 10 million health workers by 2030, mostly in low- and lower-middle income countries.

Amplifying impact not duplicating efforts

Spirit Heath Foundation will bring Spirit Health’s healthtech platforms, clinical services, people and know-how to help address this challenge. The focus is on amplifying impact rather than duplicating efforts, so the Foundation will provide all this as in-kind funding to communities, non-profits, governments and global heath partners, and work with them to build simpler, scalable health systems that are accessible for all.

At the heart of the Foundation’s approach will be Spirit Health’s award-winning Clinitouch platform. Clinitouch allows remote management of screening and monitoring any condition from anywhere – helping to build the primary healthcare systems communities need rather than siloed programmes.

Chris Barker, CEO of Spirit Health Group shares:

“Spirit Health’s mission has always been to make health easy and all – and ‘all’ means reaching everyone with our healthcare platforms and services. We’re passionate about supporting The Spirit Health Foundation in making this a reality in communities currently lacking access to the affordable health services they need”.

Rich Bryson, CEO and Co-Founder of the Spirit Health Foundation, comments:

“Despite progress, there’s a lot to do to deliver health for all. Far too many lives are still lost and limited simply because people can’t get the healthcare they need. Global health can be complex, but our approach is straightforward. We’ll bring Spirit Health’s platforms, services and people to address the issues of traditional health services and build simpler, scalable healthcare systems with communities and partners on the ground”.

The Spirit Health Foundation will be sharing more about its novel approach, partnerships and board of trustees in October. If you would like to know more in the meantime, get in touch with Rich.bryson@Spirithealthfoundation.org.

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