Free virtual ward launch guide 

Evidence, guidelines, and advice to help you launch a virtual ward

By on March 3, 2022








The expansion and continued rollout of virtual wards is one of the top priorities across the NHS for 2022 and beyond, helping to shift care safely from busy hospitals into patients’ homes.  

Based on this, we have created a free guide that compiles advice and real insights learned over 18 months of delivering a virtual ward for a major NHS trust. Our toolkit will also be updated as the rollout of virtual wards continues. 

What does the launch guide include? 

  • Contributions from healthcare experts  
  • Economics insights into virtual ward savings 
  • Published case studies and research papers 
  • SOP guidelines and tips for service evaluation 
  • Expert advice on engaging clinicians & patients 
  • Patient stories and example pathways 
  • Questions to consider 

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