Why is TEE2 the fastest growing UK blood glucose testing strip?

TEE2 outperforms all other test strips, becoming the fastest growing UK blood glucose testing brand1.

By on September 10, 2020

The rising prevalence of diabetes comes with an escalating financial burden. An ageing population and the increasing risk of diabetes-related complications are long-term and complex issues for the NHS. We make it easy for the NHS to manage the costs associated with blood glucose testing though. In a crowded market, TEE2 stands out as the fastest growing brand. Why is that?

What is TEE2?

TEE2 test strips are for use with the TEE2+ blood glucose meters. They offer fast, easy and accurate blood glucose testing for people with diabetes.

tee2 plus blood glucose meter

These meters are a cost-effective choice that don’t compromise on quality. Their benefits include:

  • Proven accuracy to the latest ISO standards
  • Requires a small blood sample and results are available within 5 seconds
  • Wide haematocrit range (15-65%)
  • Stores 1,000 readings
  • Compatible with Bluetooth and the SmartLog diabetes management app

The Fastest Growing Blood Glucose Testing Brand

When compared to 33 other blood glucose meter brands the absolute growth of TEE2 was greater than other products on the market. Comparing the first quarter volumes in 2019 with 2020, GP prescribing for TEE2 grew by 3.7 million test strips. The next fastest-growing brand grew by 2.6 million test strips. TEE2 exceeded its nearest competitor by 1.1 million1.

TEE2 test strips are the fastest-growing UK blood glucose testing brand.

Top 10 Blood Glucose Test Strips by Absolute Volume Growth Q1 2019-20201

TEE2 Fastest Growing Blood Glucose Test Strip Brand

The Reasons Behind the Success

We believe the reasons for this success are simple. TEE2 is a high-quality product at a sensible price, backed up by brilliant services from Spirit:

Popular with Patients

Patients like TEE2+ meters. In a recent prescribing formulary review, patients tested a range of meters. TEE2+ was their preferred choice and they particularly liked:

  • how easy they are to use
  • the finger pricking devices (compared to other options)
  • the ability to connect the meter to their phone using Bluetooth to help with monitoring

Cost-effective Prescribing

With the prevalence of diabetes increasing2, CCGs must keep a check on their associated prescribing costs.

TEE2 strips cost £7.75 per pot. That’s 38.3 per cent lower than the UK average of £11.213. By switching prescriptions from more expensive brands, CCGs can realise significant cost savings. It’s an effective way to reduce the cost of diabetes to the NHS. Annualised savings in NHS Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale CCG equated to £154,1204.

David Englefield, Head of Business Development, Medicines Optimisation, Spirit Health, comments:

“With many different brands available to CCGs and GPs, the blood glucose test strip market is crowded and has no signs of slowing down. The United Kingdom diabetes care devices market is expected to record a compound annual growth rate of over 8% during 2020 – 2025, due to the growing prevalence of diabetes increasing the adoption of blood glucose monitoring devices and test strips. It is therefore important that CCGs have access to test strips that are cost-effective, user friendly and a partner who can help with patient adoption.”

Active Implementation

Spirit offers CCGs an active implementation service. It’s an effective, proven process that helps CCGs manage their formulary switch. The three-stage process includes:

  1. Training healthcare professionals and practice staff
  2. An audit to identify appropriate patients for the switch, with sign off by each patient’s GP
  3. Clinic work where patients receive training, support and education from a Spirit nurse

The results are outstanding. A study in formulary changes for diabetes showed that savings were almost 700 percent greater with an active implementation, compared to similar CCGs with no implementation programme3.

This service is still possible during times of social distancing. By innovating and making use of technology, we can provide a virtual service that minimises face-to-face contact.

Make Health Easy

We are very proud of this performance in such a crowded market. These results prove the success of TEE2 as a cost-effective blood glucose testing solution. It’s accurate, patients like it and it is providing the NHS with value for money. TEE2 reduces costs but not quality.

At Spirit Health, we’re here to make health easy. That means:

  • helping patients with their new meters and test strips
  • supporting prescribers
  • working in collaboration with CCGs to save money

Find out how we helped NHS Bedfordshire CCG finalise their formulary change. They now have one of the lowest average test strip costs in the country.

Download the White Paper


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Reference: HEA3358SEPT20

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